Finding My Passion as a Content Creator and Digital Marketer

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Good morning, good evening whenever and wherever you are reading this from. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon this page by accident or visited from another site. I’d like to welcome you to the most insightful content marketing blog on the internet.

I’m Monica, a storyteller who loves all things internet marketing. Content marketing is a later in life passion of mine. I’ll touch upon that a little later.

E-commerce is somewhat of a new thing. When I say new, I mean in the last 10-20 years. That’s compared to many of the advancements in society itself. That’s still young. When something is new, it has to develop and grow over time.

Fifty years ago, we’d never thought that buying an item on a device as small as our hand would bring something as big as a 50-inch TV right to our front doors. Of course, the milkman brought milk over but that was a weekly thing.

We have laptops and phones to buy products and services we need. E-commerce is constantly growing. And it’s not stopping anytime soon.

When I learned that, I knew I had to jump on the train.

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As a Writer

I remember as a little girl I wrote a story about a girl and her adventures. I read it to my mom and it included a bad word that I didn’t know what it meant at the time. At that point I was so embarrassed I don’t even think I finished reading the story.

The first book I’ve ever read all the way through was a book called Russell Rides Again. It’s about a little boy who is struggling to ride his bike for the first time. He tries and tries over and over again and gives up. When he decided to try one last time, he perfected it.

Just when he thought he couldn’t ride a bike, he attempted it once more.

That is how my writing life began.

I’ve always loved writing. Although I didn’t know what to write about, I’d write in my diaries sometimes. You can always count writing research papers and proposals writing in college.

About 10 years ago, I started a blog. At the time it was about my life in college and becoming an aspiring writer.

The writing bug bit me a long time ago but I was immune to it. I thought that writing was reserved for famous authors and smart creative people who didn’t quite “make it” as authors so they settled for working at a company writing commercial ads.

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Sometimes I would think, who writes those billboards on the highway? Who comes up with these ideas? Oh yeah, those smart people, just a handful.

Fast forward a few years and the writing bug bites me again in college. Even though I wasn’t writing, it still showed up in my career assessment tests. So I thought, ok, I’ll write. But I didn’t.

It had been five years after that that I wanted to take writing seriously. Somehow, I found out that regular people can become writers too. How lovely!

I’d have started a long time ago if I’d known that writing isn’t reserved for “special” people.

So here I am, a freelance writer, living the life I want. It’s a lovely gift doing what I love.

I never knew making a living as a writer was possible. It’s a dream come true.

On this blog, I hope you learn a lot about business, e-commerce, and the many online software services offered.

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Merging My Skills

E-commerce is a great industry to be in. I knew combining my writing skills to something that would advance me to the next level would make me a living. I fell in love with digital marketing when I took my internet communication technology class in college. It made sense to me. It gravitated towards me and I couldn’t reject it.

Now I work in e-commerce and it’s a great place to be. I’ve finally found my other passion along with writing. And both go hand in hand.

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