Five Digital Marketing Trends That Help Increase Conversions

With so many trends in the online world, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Some are more effective than others. Depending on your market, certain digital marketing trends help build up brand awareness, bring in website traffic, and increase sales.

Here are five digital marketing trends that help turn website visitors into customers.

1. User-generated content

quora digital marketing

Many people spend a lot of their time online searching for answers, especially those from other everyday people. Quora is a user-generated website where users can ask questions, search for answers, answer questions, and overall get information on a plethora of subjects.

Take this example of a question asked by a Quora user who asks, “What are the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing?” in which the answer is to the question is answered by a Business Analyst at a company.

quora digital marketing

quora digital marketing

Most business answers are answered by professionals working in their own companies or are employees of a business.

Keep in mind that anyone can use this platform. That means, people can pretend to be who they aren’t but it balances out that companies are using it to increase brand awareness and bring traffic to their website.

2. Influencers

When it comes to online marketing, influencers have made their way into affiliate marketing.

With influencers, you can collaborate on campaigns, promote a product, or bring web traffic from multiple sources.

One advantage of this form of digital marketing is influencers provide a way to market a product to thousands and even millions of people.

They already have a relationship with their following, so using influencer is a great way to collaborate and build trust with potential customers.

This influencer can be a popular person on YouTube, a well-known business, blogger, or celebrity all of whom have a big following.

Most of these influencers are usually found on social media where they share most of the content given to them by businesses.

3. Video

video digital marketing

It’s not surprising how many companies use video to promote their products and services. In a HubSpot research study, it’s shown that 72% of online users would rather see video content than other types of content like blog articles, PDFs, and images.

The study also found that videos are the most memorable form of content.

Video creates a different type of engagement. Online users love shorter videos as they want to see their other content on social media and websites.

Remember if you do use video as a part of your digital marketing strategy, video ranks better in search engine results, thus boosting your reach to potential customers.

4. Interactive content

ihop twitter poll

With all the different types of interactive content, it’s no wonder it’s one of the digital marketing’s top trends of 2018.

Some companies use Twitter polls as a form of content to engage their Twitter users or social users.

Infographics, such as the one below, is often used in the first stage of the buyer’s journey when potential customers are in the learning phase of a purchase.


Other forms of interactive content include surveys, quizzes, games to educate buyers into the consideration stage.

It’s important to make sure your interactive content is optimized in every stage of the customer journey to ensure your customers are getting useful information on what they’re buying.

As users are wanting to become more involved in learning about a product or service, you’ll see that interactive content or content that helps users come to a decision is one of the best ways to put this into your digital marketing strategy.

5. Artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence in digital marketing

A fairly recent topic in digital marketing is one that companies are slowly adopting and some believe is the future.

Artificial intelligence creates a convenient and interactive gateway to better information and customer service.

There’s been an increase in voice searches over the past years, and it won’t stop anytime soon. Hands-free searching is more convenient than asking someone or calling a customer service line.

One human can only know so much information. With chatbots, a form of artificial intelligence, information is nearly unlimited.

Use AI in predictive analytics to predict what your target audience is looking for.

Once you have the target audience set, AI will predict customer behavior patterns and purchase trends. This allows for internet marketers to let the AI do the work for them. How convenient is that?

Putting it all together

It’s a great time in marketing as digital marketers adopt more current trends to help with their digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re putting content on Quora or doing polls on Twitter, you’re sure to build those conversions.

Are there any tools or trends you’re using that helped with a boost in web traffic or sales?


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