How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Digital Marketing?

Ah…2018. It feels weird, doesn’t it?

As a little girl, the fact that the year two thousand anything was so far away was so new to me. Now it’s here and not stopping anytime soon. Time is the only constant, right?

New things come and go every year. We test things out. Sometimes they fail, other times they turn out great.

So what does 2018 bring when it comes to digital marketing?

Recently, I was on my phone and Google Assistant started recording my voice (hey government!). I said something to my mom and it read on the screen. The voice answered as if I was talking to her.

I looked at it and said, “What?” She said, “I’m not sure if I understand you.” Well mystery lady, I don’t understand you either.

Google Assistant has trouble with context sometimes.
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With technology growing faster than ever, we have to go along with it. If you want a new job, you’ll have to go online. Try walking in a company’s building and ask for a paper application. They might look at you funny but that’s the way the world works now. We are turning communicating through technological machines.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots, create a way to help and assist in daily activities. They are a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that seem to replace some aspects of human interaction. But not so fast. Humans need to resolve some complicated situations that arise.

You can’t help someone with a specific situation through an FAQ section of your website or even through a chatbot as they are only programmed to answer what the programmer told them. You as a human asking a question cannot attempt to change its beliefs or responses.

Can chatbots or artificial intelligence help with digital marketing?

As a digital marketer, studying your audience target will yield great results. For social media ads, you can set your target audience by first brainstorming who would like your product or service. AI can pull data about your buyer persona and target them with the click of a button.

You wouldn’t have to go online, click the drop-down button, or fill in a field with keywords to find your target audience.

AI does the work for you.

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Although AI is still in development, and not new, it risks takes to test this out. It is worth it to save time and bring results you wouldn’t think you could see if you did it alone or with a team.

These AI can track your online visitors’ habits and bring the right results without you having to do very much or anything.

AI can help find the most important data–data that brings actionable results. You might need to fix some of the kinks it misses but it is most effective when you follow up on analyzing what works and what needs fixing.

AI makes things easier for you. It lets marketers work on the most important tasks and leaves the smaller ones to it.

What does AI not do for digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence dates back to centuries ago but now coming back as a new system.  Although still young in modern history, AI cannot yet handle complex or complicated work.

Imagine a customer has a complicated question and calls your company’s customer service number or decides to use the online chat feature. The customer describes the situation but the chatbot can’t answer it as the issue is too specific.

The chatbot is unable to answer the question and will eventually forward the issue to a live person. The customer becomes more frustrated and it could cost you a sale and a possible retaining customer.

The chatbot won’t be able to provide the best customer service to the individual.

Depending on how you view it, chatbots can replace some human workers. What many people can do, so can AI.

Humans won’t completely be replaced. The future still belongs to us. It’s crucial not to rely on the AI alone. Even a self-driving car needs  help.

Higher-ups at your company might not be on board with a new system controlling their marketing strategies. One by one, test out small things to convince them its working and worth the investment.

If you believe in the future of AI and chatbots, go forward with implementing it into your marketing efforts.

In the end…

AI has been tested for many years. It’s like the new blockchain space and all things bitcoin we’ve been hearing about lately.

When the customer is researching your company, they might have questions. A chatbot can answer basic questions it’s programmed to answer. So what happens when the potential customer has a question more complex than what the chatbot knows how to say.

AI helps save time, cut costs, and look for ways to improve your online marketing. It’s worth the effort to look into for helping build your business.

Do you think it’s a little too early to rely on chatbots and other AI? Are digital marketers on the right path to helping their business grow?

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