Six Ways to Help Build Your New Non-Profit Organization

So you want to build a non-profit organization?

You might believe in a cause or issue and want to make it better or raise awareness about it. You lost a loved one to an unknown cancer and want people to know more about it and what they can do to help.

Or maybe you believe so strongly in something you need people to support you and others to find the help they need when they need it.

You want to be there for those who are suffering from a certain illness or influence people to go to the doctor to get checked.

And you’re there to help.

Non-profit organizations thrive on awareness. It’s emotional. It’s sometimes captivating. It brings people together.

And you want to become a part of that.

The purpose of a non-profit is raising awareness about an issue or cause. So marketing is important when building up a non-profit. Making your organization known may cost some money, but many of the options below for building your non-profit organization are free or low cost.

Get a website

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Building a website is easy now with Wix and Weebly. All you do is drag and drop where you want your content to go and there it is. They’re free, but the only thing is you’ll have the WIX name in your URL address.

If you pay for a website, some are less than five dollars per month. If you decide to bootstrap your non-profit, this is a good start.

Having a real website name and URL address such as gives your organization more credibility and people would more than likely donate.

Get donations

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Crowdfunding is here to stay. As more and more people are using sites such as GoFundMe and Patreon, it’s one of the most used ways to get donations for a cause you believe in.

Create a marketing campaign around crowdfunding and see where it takes you. When focusing on campaign marketing, create a strategy that will reach a wider audience and make them donate money or items to your foundation.

Get friends to share on social media, or go the old fashion way and make small talk with people who might be interested in the cause you’re talking about.

Get volunteers

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Friends and family. They’re there to help you in times of need. If they support you in your goals, have them help around. Get college students who volunteer to help. College students are glad to help as they can raise awareness around their schools.

Use free online marketing tools

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Some tools are free to use with some limitations. But don’t let that hinder you from using them. They pack a lot of good features. Other tools offer free trials so you can try it before you buy it.

Once your non-profit gets going and you have funds, you can use these added features in the subscriptions to reach more people. And you’ll have a bigger ROI.

Use an email list such as MailChimp for your upcoming events so people can stay up to date with what your organization is doing.

Social media

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Social media is free. This is one of the best ways to market to a qualified audience. If your budget allows, boost your posts for as little as a few dollars. This ensures the people who seriously want to see your ad will see it instead of many.

But the good thing about everyone seeing your organic posts (the content is seen for free and at no cost to you), those people not as interested can share or tag someone they know who might want to assist in your non-profits efforts.

Headtalker helps you build social media campaigns, gain followers, and go viral. If you are not a local community and would like to reach hundreds or even thousands of people, Headtalker is the way to go.


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It’s all about who you know, right?

The local news is a great way to build awareness about your charity. If you know anyone who works in the media, have them help raise awareness for your philanthropy.

While many news sources focus on negative stories happening in your city, they also love positive stories.

Also, ensure that your organization leaves a positive note on all forms of public display.


There’s nothing like a positive non-profit organization who cares for its people.  Creating awareness of your charity takes some time and patience. With the tips mentioned, you are sure to be on your way towards building up your new foundation.

What are some ways you’re setting up your new organization? Are they working? Are you looking for something new?

Comment and share below!

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